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VIP Club

Novel lovers can become VIP members, if they are frequent readers and meet some prerequisites.
Once you have been nominated as a liiberr VIP you will enjoy a range of benefits
including special discounts.

VIP members are the community, who are entitled to get early access to novels a long time before they are published. After evaluating the summary of a potential novel, each VIP member has a vote, which release should be the next.

If you’ve always wanted to be part of the creation and selection process of a
forthcoming liiberr release and you are an enthusiastic reader or audiobook listener,
the VIP club is the right place to be.
But there is more than that. A VIP member gets access to a finished release before
anybody else get it. If you ever wanted to be part of an exclusive premiere, here you go. On top of that, VIP members get great additional discounts on every coming release.

Send us a short resume including the last books you have read and your all time
favorites to: [email protected]

Subject: VIP Club

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