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storytelling beyond compare

We believe in the magic of words
but we add a dimension beyond

liiberr is an application

Where the magic of a novel gets alive.
Every novel on liiberr contains the eBook, audiobook, animation movie, interactive
story wiki and a virtual location walk through.

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Where am I?

You want to discover more details beyond words?
Tab on the screen and enter the virtual location walk through of all locations of each
novel published on liiberr – always perfectly synchronised to the exact reading
The virtual location walk through lets you dive into the plot of a story in depth and
detail no other publishing platform can compete with. Discover the new standard of storytelling Embedded animation movie sequences are visualising parts of the story, which you do not find in the included eBook or audiobook.
Dive into the atmosphere of the actual scene. Discover hidden hints, the emotion of the acting characters and additional background information and dive into the plot of a story in an incomparable way.

Discover the new standard of storytelling

Embedded animation movie sequences are telling parts of the story, visualising hidden hints and background information you will not find in the written novel.

Dive into the atmosphere of the scenes in an extended emotional way beyond words.

Who am I?

You forgot who is who after you made a break?

No need to read the past 20 pages again. Novels published on liiberr provide all
information about every acting character exactly synchronised to your reading or
listening position.

Just tab on the screen and the “Who am I” section provide all details about the actual acting characters like their biography, their family tree, their picture and everything you should now about their motives.

Your will be back in the story within seconds.

Reading Listening Sync

You need to leave your home, but you want to continue the story?
With a simple tab you can instantly switch between reading and listening. Follow the story in the way you want, wherever you are and whatever you do.
Always included in every release on liiberr.